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NYC Cocktail Bars

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Attaboy, I thought, would be an easy walk in at opening time on Memorial Day. It was, but it filled fast. Excellent Turf Club (or riff on that, not authentic).


Point being, no reservations, so I assume it’s risky on busier days unless you have a private phone number.

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I tried to take a former NYC resident now in for a visit to Mayahuel last night.   There was a wait list, but they let her in to look for me when she unknowingly arrived before I did.   Since I'

I meant to ask what gin they used but then we had to hurry off and I forgot. I'm not a fan of sweet drinks and this was not overly sweet, was as I said well-balanced.

Raines is another place which works the exclusivity angle hard.

1 hour ago, bloviatrix said:

WTF is that bar menu? I don't get it. But then, I'm not their target audience,

This place will be so populated with dbags once it opens. Go to The Magician, people!

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