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very early (and tentative) tokyo planning


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not this summer but the next, we might be back in seoul for a week for some planning for the next iteration of my off-campus program (5 weeks in bombay, 5 weeks in seoul, every other year) and if so, we would like to add on some time in tokyo/japan. with that in mind i've begun to look idly at potential places to stay and very quickly came to the realization that i have no idea about the tourist geography of tokyo. those of you who have been or are very familiar with the city: are there neighbourhoods or parts of the metro i should be looking at more than others if the budget is not limitless? is airbnb a decent option in tokyo or would we be better off hotel'ing?

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Airbnb is very difficult due to almost impossible government requirements. If you see a good listing you'll need to book it way in advance. 

There are serviced apartments (monthly mansions) that are overall excellent. They are legally for stays of over a month but you sign a secondary contract to leave sooner. I think this is a better option than a hotel but ymmv.

In terms of areas, the transportation network is so good that it's more about how many metro lines you're near than where specifically you're staying - doesn't really matter if you're 15 minutes from Meiji shrine and yoyogi and an hour from asakusa or the other way around.

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