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Purchased at a secondhand book store: Kenyan Cookery Book and Household Guide. This is a 1970 edition of a book first published in 1928, by the Members of St. Andrew's Church Woman's Guild, Nairobi. Hence, the recipe for homemade haggis, always what one wants to eat in East Africa. There are also handy household tips, such as how to clean and cure poultry feathers and how to treat bites from the Nairobi Fly.

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40% off coupon and a gift certificate, what should I get? It's going to depend on what they have in stock, of course, but some books on my wish list or just look interesting are (not in any particula

I agree, except that once in a while I feel like doing it. What I find chef's or restaurant cookbooks useful for is inspiration, new flavor combinations, new ingredients, that kind of thing. It woul

That's great news! Out of nowhere the other day, Eden Lipson crossed my mind. Now I know why.

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Not even at 30% off (today only, per the Phaidon website)? :P


If you did want an art studio related book, Cooking for Artists by Mina Stone is well within your skill set, and it's really quite a lovely book. It's out of Urs Fischer's studio in Brooklyn. (Disclaimer: I copyedited this one. But as always, I have no financial interest in it. I just think it's a good cookbook.)

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