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Your next cookbook

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40% off coupon and a gift certificate, what should I get? It's going to depend on what they have in stock, of course, but some books on my wish list or just look interesting are (not in any particula

I agree, except that once in a while I feel like doing it. What I find chef's or restaurant cookbooks useful for is inspiration, new flavor combinations, new ingredients, that kind of thing. It woul

That's great news! Out of nowhere the other day, Eden Lipson crossed my mind. Now I know why.

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Anyone get the new Fuschia Dunlop or Naomi Duguid?

i think i want the persia book by duguid but haven't gotten a chance to leaf through it yet


The Duguid book is on my Chanukah wish list. The little I've paged through looks great.

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Not a "next cookbook" but one I find myself using more and more -- Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu. The recipes are pretty basic -- most I already know in some form -- but she does a really nice job of discussing why something is done the way it is. I don't always follow the recipes but use the techniques a lot elsewhere. I bought the Kindle version a while back due to impatience and am finally in the mood to try things. Might order the paper version for next time I'm in the US. I also recently got the kindle version of the Manresa book. Interesting ideas but I don't know if or how I will end up using it.

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So I've gone a bit cookbook crazy this month. My purchases have included -



Better Baking

Dorie's Cookies


The Spice Companion


I've made one thing from Better Baking and the spouse is infatuated with The Spice Companion. He thinks it's beautifully designed.

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Victials,by Ronnie Lundy,which I took out of the library,not buying ...because I've loved the text and the sense in of place,and the writer's voice,but won't be rustling up any pokeweed or sallet in my new york tenement any time soon,but it is a sweet loving story,worth reading.

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