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Your next cookbook

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40% off coupon and a gift certificate, what should I get? It's going to depend on what they have in stock, of course, but some books on my wish list or just look interesting are (not in any particula

I agree, except that once in a while I feel like doing it. What I find chef's or restaurant cookbooks useful for is inspiration, new flavor combinations, new ingredients, that kind of thing. It woul

IMHO the new McGee is well worth it, even if you have the old one, as I do. Also, get the Kennedy -- everyone should have all of hers.   I really want that Monica Bhide, too.

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On 1/2/2021 at 10:52 AM, joethefoodie said:


Anyone have this book?  

It made a lot of the top ten 2020 blah blah blah cookbook lists. Edd is a winner of that show everyone seems to love - The Great British Baking Show, and which I must get around to watching at some point.

But the thing that really intrigues me, and which I wish ALL cookbook authors would do, is the measurements for all the recipes included are in metric, imperial, AND volume. How nice is that!

The funny thing about this book...even though I have dozens of tins of every imaginable size and shape, bundt pans, springform pans, tiny pans, giant pans...I don't have the one tin (or couldn't fine the one tin) the title refers to. Ah well - it's ordered and was under $20.

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