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Your next cookbook

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40% off coupon and a gift certificate, what should I get? It's going to depend on what they have in stock, of course, but some books on my wish list or just look interesting are (not in any particula

I agree, except that once in a while I feel like doing it. What I find chef's or restaurant cookbooks useful for is inspiration, new flavor combinations, new ingredients, that kind of thing. It woul

That's great news! Out of nowhere the other day, Eden Lipson crossed my mind. Now I know why.

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This may be significant, but hardly antique or collectible, so this is the right thread. Just picked up the Sterns' Roadfood for $5 in a used book store. But it's a revised edition (2011) and I am pretty sure I read the original 1978 version from a library, so this would have a lot of entries which are new to me, and in the NYC section I see places that weren't around in '78.

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I just picked up Eat Something from the guy who started Wise Sons deli here in SF.  It's part cookbook and part snarky/loving remembrances of holidays, etc. (in the spirit of Bar Mitzvah Disco).  There's a cocktail that involves prunes soaked in gin, so I've got a batch going in the fridge and will report back.  I'm also looking forward to trying the Fall Vegetable Hash around Rosh Hashanah time and the Matzoquiles come Passover.

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On 10/31/2021 at 12:32 PM, bloviatrix said:

This arrived a several days ago.

Many years ago I had a kosher Indian cookbook with recipes from Bombay and Cochin.  I loaned it to my boss, who said, “what a thoughtful gift!”   Never saw it again. 

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