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The Platt Thread

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In a vacuum.

Ignorant.  Unschooled.

He should stick to his subject and not write about a different subject he obviously doesn't know anything about or have any understanding of.  He has nothing to add to the conversation.

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We may not have Bruni to kick around much longer, and it's not like we've overlooked Adam Platt in the past, but maybe it's time he had his own thread.   From his review of Table 8:     lin

I think they were trying to avoid the kind of response that Dave Santos got on that reprehensible Chowhound thread: don't bully a baby.   (As I posted on CH: a BABY charging $160 a meal!!!!!)

Why? You've already been to Rebelle.

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Happily I have reached my monthly free article limit, but I probably agree with you.

Wait, ha ha, I go incognito and I can read it. I think the very first word of the article is unimpeachable. "A..." But then we get "fizzy alchemy." What?

Another food writer who doesn't know what "toothsome" means.

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A chance to put some questions to the man (NY Society Library, members only):


The Joys and Perils of the Restaurant Critic’s Life (and Food Writing in General), with Adam Platt

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One thing discussed was that restaurant criticism hardly exists in the city any more, with Eater firing Sutton and Platt not being simply replaced.

An entertaining afternoon as he is a master at playing the miserable old fart. He read the fugu passage from his book, made more amusing by the pauses where he shook his head in disbelief.

No great revelations. Unlike Mimi Sheraton he does not miss going out to dinner four-plus times per week. And (shock) he confirms that Wells "hates" the star system.

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