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Beer & Food Pairing Hatred

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Not sure if many here noticed Asimov's piece A Beer, Please, and a (Good) Menu in the latest NYT food section but of course many in the craft beer blogoshere noticed and reacted.

And the reaction was sort of surprising: Beer & Food Pairing Hatred (Stephen Beaumont is the co-owner of Beer Bistro, and he was surprised too).

There was a recent thread that Wilfrid started about a review of DBGB that mentioned their "beer program." I responded specifically to Asimov's article here.

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Emphasis mine.


Not every beer bar, though, serves a decent pulled pork sandwich or nachos made to order, as Safe Haven does. One reason is cost. “Running a beer bar is really tough,” said Mr. Brodrick of Blind Tiger. “You add into that a good kitchen, it costs more in terms of labor and it’s a little more frantic.”


Still, if it’s worked for Blind Tiger, it ought to work for others. There’s no reason Loreley, a German beer garden on the Lower East Side, can serve delectable schnitzels and stews when Studio Square can’t handle burgers.


It may be that beer destinations that don’t take food seriously and restaurants that don’t take beer seriously are playing catch-up with the public. “The restaurants are way, way behind the culture of the people,” said Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, who has long believed great beer goes with great food. “People are drinking craft beers at home with food, but it’s been a difficult concept to grasp in restaurants.”


Michael Carrino (owner of Passione in Montclair) mentioned last week that creating a menu around the Dogfish Head beers was a great challenge, and he approached it as an opportunity to look at new taste combinations

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