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Finally making some progress


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After re-registering with my email address and changing my password, my screen name and old password kept interfering, so I was locked out several times. Very frustrating but I persevered. Finally, my email address and new password worked and I was “approved.” Thank you! Thrilled to be back! 

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I kept waiting for the confirming email with a link & it never came.  Then I went back here and found that I was registered and set.  Apparently I have an Orik fast pass.  Nice to be back where my sarcasm is not in the top 10.   And now it looks like we can tell who "likes" our posts (not that I've ever gotten one).  Thanks Orik... much appreciated.

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I have bee"n unable to sign in since we came back online last week, using what I thought was the email address associated with my "memesuze" account. I keep getting locked out, and have had no luck using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Could an admin send an email to memesuze@hotmail.com, letting me know how to sign in to my "memesuze" account? I suspect that, if I register with a new username, there will be no way to link the new account with the old one.



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On 9/8/2023 at 7:05 PM, small h said:

I don't think "unread content" is the same as it used to be, since it no longer shows me everything I haven't read.

I know. In the previous site I changed it to be something else but haven't been able to make the same change here yet. For now you can bookmark this:


I think it should be the same as the old one. 

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