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You Learn Something New Every Day (cont.)

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1 hour ago, StephanieL said:

The "Cotton-Eyed Joe" song that was a staple of Yankees 7th-inning stretches was recorded by a novelty act from Sweden.

And I remember the video.

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The appendix has a function.

And that function is to provide a safe house for beneficial gut bacteria when you have diarrhea, so at least some of the bacteria doesn't get flushed out.  After your episode is concluded, the bacteria is released back into your gut to propagate and replenish.

I somehow was happier not knowing this.

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47 minutes ago, small h said:

I thought it was for digesting nuts. Going back to slap my 4th grade science teacher.

Don't think it's particularly good at this.   A friend consumed substantial peanuts at a ballgame and wound up with a burst appendix.    Almost died.

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If you go to the Russian Vodka Room with a friend who emigrated a very long time ago from the Soviet Union, and who barely speaks Russian anymore, she will nonetheless be recognized as a native speaker by the staff. Consequently, you will have to conduct business in Russian, despite the fact that you only know about 20 words, and many of them are numbers.

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