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I have been going through old food journals and came across some notes I took during a CIA conference on Mexican food.

The ingredients I had listed was for a salsa Mexicana but it's quite elaborate like no other salsa Mexicana I've come across, so I'm thinking maybe it was called something else.

I believe the class was headed up by Yolando Ramos Garcia from Tlaxcala.

Anyway, check this out and tell me what you think.


chopped radishes

chopped jalapenos

chopped tomatoes

chopped avocado (optional)

white onion, chopped

olive oil (optional)


queso fresco (optional)


Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

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Looks almost like a pico de gallo. Do you remember? Was it served in a shallow bowl with toothpicks?


Ah, okay. Above where I had written salsa mexicana is pico de gallo salsa for grilled fish. But below the listed ingredients is, used for many guisas.

Then a list

pescado al la mexicana

huevos a la mexicana

carena la la mexican

also great with tostaditas I vaguely recall squares of tostaditas being served to sample the finished salsa with.


Should I go with pico de gallo then? Or salsa mexicana deluxe, with cheese? :lol:

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Probably depends upon your target audience and what each term means to them.


For me, pico de gallo makes more sense.


I'm going to go with pico de gallo.

I wish I could get my hands on some queso fresco.

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Do you have a mexican/latin store near you? you can find the cheese there - otherwise you could use a light feta instead, nt super authentic, but it gets the point across ;)


No place for Mexi-cheeses, but thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I could also substitute with a fromage frais. I think one of our local cheesemakers does one. I shall check.


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if you can't get queso fresco or blanco, i would also suggest a feta cheese or you could press and drain any salty pot cheese and get a similar texture. even a paneer cheese might be a good substitute. not sure where you are located but if there's a portugese neighborhood you might find a cheese that would work. probably also called queso fresco

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