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Allegretti , NYC

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The menu changes regularly, and I'd say most of the dishes I hadn't seen before.


Portions are generous enough, but if they seemed too large it may be partly because we ate three courses.




Lobster bisque, essentially, and quite a large helping




Pan-Seared Langoustines, crispy sweetbread and pancetta, roasted asparagus, taggiasche olives, beef jus

Porchetta, lentil salad, grilled country bread, onion marmalade, date purée

Agnolini, stuffed with duck, soft-poached egg, winter root vegetables, duck consommé (more a soup than a pasta)


Pasta (three main course pasta servings split between six):


Niçois ravioli, stuffed with braised oxtail and swiss chard, parmesan, orange beef jus (x2)

Tagliolini, ragôut of king crab, scallion, zucchini, green chiles




Black Sea Bass, yukon potatoes, artichoke and baby leeks fondant, truffled natural jus

Pheasant, roasted brussels sprout, chestnut and bacon, butternut squash fondant, pheasant jus

Wild boar loin, winter fruits and vegetables, stuffed savoy cabbage, sauce 'au poivre'

Black Angus Ribeye, bone marrow-crusted, braised beef cheeks, cardoons gratinée, roasted carrots, pommes frites




Nougat Glacé, dried fruit anad nuts, citrus coulis

Lemon Tart, Mascarpone gelato, candied pignoli


Wines were both from the southwest, a white Corbieres, Trillot, which I'd not tried before, and the red Mas Julien: $55 and $80, respectively.


The check was a little higher than I'd expected, given the moderate wine choices, but did include cocktails at the bar, and digestifs.


I'll post some pictures at the Pink Pig tomorrow. I thought the composition of langoustines, sweetbread and bacon was stunning - could have been a tad hotter. The porchetta was really a coarse, hearty country terrine - almost a ballotine, as it was stuffed inside the pig's skin; loved it, and the excellent cold lentil salad which accompanied it. Both the pasta dishes were really enjoyable. I liked the sea bass - pretty plating too - and I thought the ribeye was a terrific piece of meat. I didn't taste the rabbit. I was a little unlucky: the wild boar looked great, but it was such a thick piece of meat to cook rare (I'd left it to the kitchen) that it was quite cold in the center. I've had that before when I've ordered a steak "blue", but I'm not sure it did the boar many favors.


The table was split over the nougat dessert, which was kind of a Christmas cake ice cream. I liked it very much.

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I'd add that it was a jolly evening, bordering at times on the ribald. The staff were very accommodating, not least in allowing us to languish for hours at a six-top which they'd normally turn during the course of the evening.

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Guest Aaron T

I thought it was very very good but that is also because I got winning dishes throughout the meal.


I skipped the amuse as it was shellfish but others seemed to enjoy it.


Appetizer of the Agnolini was delicious. Very much a pasta soup, which I hadn't realized. They poured the broth table-side.


I had the oxtail ravioli next (skipped the crab) and was very happy with this dish as well. The chef really has a way with pastas - rich hearty and tasty.


Ribeye crusted with bone marrow was my entree. Cooked just to medium rare, this was high quality meat and prepared beautifully. Also a rich dish. I guess I am a glutton. It came with the beef cheeks, done in a short rib style. Also served 4 thick french fries "architecturally" as some noted, on the side.


I'd be happy eating all of those dishes any time.


I thought dessert was a miss, but others felt differently.


I think I insulted the woman at the next table but they didn't make a fuss. The wine has left only the good memories so fortunately I don't recall the specifics of my commentary.


The chef was at the bar speaking with an Asian female blogger type (Daisy had seen her blogging in full effect at Corton recently) when we came in and spoke with her at considerable length, but our table was not graced with pretty boy's presence. He may have been intimidated by our gluttony and or good spirits.


I think I happened to get some of the best dishes of the night so had a more favorable impression than others in the expedition.

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I think we may be reaching a consensus that where Allegretti falls down is the inconsistency of the main dishes. The pastas seem to be considered universally fabulous, and the appetizers universally at least very good.


Some of the main dishes are excellent, though -- and, having eaten much of my companion's beef plate (she's less of a glutton than Aaron and me), I agree with Aaron that the beef plate is one of them.


As I said, it's sort of the Italian problem.

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As I said, it's sort of the Italian problem.


But it's Provencal.


Yeah, but where's Provence?


(When I was a teenager and just starting to be taken out to good restaurants, I remember thinking that whenever I saw a dish listed on a French menu as "Provencal", it reminded me of Italian food.)

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A very nice party at Allegretti yesterday evening promoting the rose wines of Provence. I am sure I have never tasted so many roses on one occasion - there must have been about a dozen producers. Nice canapes: brandade, foccaccia with anchovy, bite-sized versions of the perugia sausage from the menu. :)


I will post wine recommendations when I've had a chance to look up which ones are actually available here. Some were looking for distributors.

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The four of us had dinner last night at this restaurant that does not seem to be on anybody's radar.Its a small place with choices from the south of france and Italy.Its good value for NYC with entrees around $30 and appetizers around $15,dessert $10,also a prix fixe menu @$39. I started with the fish soup provencal .It came with rouille and cheese.It tasted quite authentic ,except for the lack of fish. My partner had grilled octopus,which was very good. The mains I tried were a delicious seafood tagatielle and a tasty and tender duck breast with a wine and pepper sauce.The wine list is quite good with many choices in $30 and $40 range.We drank a lively and refereshing Routas Rose,a cote de Provence for $32.The noise level however was quite high.Incidentally is this the case with most NYC restaurants?

Overall, this restaurant is excellent value and I wonder why its not better known.

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