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Allegretti , NYC

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I don't think there was a formal announcement that Allegretti closed. There was just a cryptic "hiatus" that never ended. But with the chef planning to open La Petite Maison in the former Aquavit/Grayz space, I would say we can safely write its epitaph.

Maybe he'll succeed.

I meant the epitaph of Allegretti, his former restaurant. I am not making any such prediction about the new one.

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I promise if this place is good, this time I'll go ALL THE TIME.


Well, WE did go to Allegretti ALL THE TIME. Often at lunch, we were the only ones there. One time, it was us and one other solo diner who happened to be Sam Waterston of Law & Order fame. I think he must have liked the place because we actually saw him there twice at lunch (dining solo both times) and once at dinner (with a group of 6). We were also witness to the decline in dinner business. An almost full room at the outset. Then, a gradual change so that by the time of our last dinner there in April of last year, the dining room was virtually empty.


Needless to say, we're thrilled that Alain is opening a new place.

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