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Union Square Cafe

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Revealing that we have no thread on the place. I suspect that if any members use it, they've nothing new to say about it. I hadn't been for years, but noticed ready availability on Open Table recent

You've just done away with 9/10 of the "discussion" on MFF.

Most great retailers are great at real estate.


2. How'd you deal with all the picture taking? UE isn't known to use small, unobtrusive gear.

UE tries to be sensitive to my aversions (to the extent he is capable).


Oh geez. Remind me never to hire you as my P.R. guy. :)


Knowing Sneakeater's aversion, I purposefully did not ask to take any pictures of his food. Only his pecan pie. I love pecan pie.

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Union Square Cafe is not the only major restaurant in that area to be faced with an astronomic rent increase. The nearby Blue Water Grill, BR Guest's generally popular upscale seafood restaurant, shares a landlord (David Ellis Real Estate) with Danny Meyer's original New York restaurant, and according to industry sources, he plans to hike the rent by close to a million dollars when the lease is up next fall.

Gordon Gecko would be proud.



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I had lunch here yesterday for historical purposes. As Sneak said, elevated comfort food, all very tasty. I got the yellowfin tuna burger, which came glazed in a sweet soy-based sauce and topped with gari. It seemed like a bit of an anachronism, but it was good. In my opinion the food is not a good value, it's an ordinary value. The tuna burger was $23; most of the mains (including the pastas) are in the $30 range. Pretty standard pricing. The cheese was a decent value though at $4 a piece, although the slices they give you are small. And they serve bread! They also make a pretty nice cocktail.


It's still a very popular restaurant. I walked in at around noon and I was the only one at the bar. By the time I left there were no empty seats and the tables in the dining rooms looked full.

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Mr. Meyer said Wednesday that next year Union Square Cafe would take over the large corner space currently occupied by City Crab & Seafood Company at Park Avenue South and 19th Street — just two blocks uptown from the northeast corner of Union Square. With a 15-year lease, Mr. Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group will completely renovate the basement and first floor of the building for its expansion.


And in an unusual move, Mr. Meyer is even taking on responsibility for City Crab’s employees. That restaurant will close in September, said Gerald Shallo, a spokesman for Palin Enterprises, which owns the building at 235 Park Avenue and operates City Crab. Under the agreement, Mr. Meyer’s group will try to place City Crab’s approximately 75 employees within its own holdings, which include Gramercy Tavern and the new Untitled at the Whitney Museum.

Looks like there's a happy ending after all.



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