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Dee and I had a delightful dinner in downtown Golden last week.


This southwestern-styled restaurant has an adobe finish, with wood beams, lots of tile, and a broad menu. We had dinner out on their front patio which faces Golden's main drag. Huge amount of foot traffic, a wide variety of cars, ranging from Lamborghinis to mountain going dune buggies.


Good selection of draft beers, easily ten items on tap. I had a Mojo IPA, which was good, a little more hoppy than I prefer, but fine. The Hazed and Infused beer, also from Boulder Beer. was every good, cutting through the chilis like a knife. The H&I uses six different varieties of hops, and adds hops during the fermenting period.


I had a full plate of chiles rellenos, with jack cheese, sausage, more chiles, and a wonderful reduction of green salsa. Excellent stuff. Crispy crust, soft, gooey filling. Dee had a rack of ribs, lightly sweet-sauced, with onions. Good, but not exceptional.


Dinner followed a tour of the sprawling Coors brewery, which spreads out for miles on the east side of town. And, an afternoon in the library of the Colorado Rail Museum, looking over photographs, old track diagrams and mining reports.


Table Mountain


Boulder beer site is LOUD

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