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I read all these threads about these fabulous dinners people have at home, with photogenic, obviously labor-intensive food, and legendary bottles.   I can't speak for anybody else on this board, bu

If I'm not enjoying wine when I'm seventy, then my nieces and nephews are going to be stuck with a shitload of wine they won't know what to do with.   Or my next wife, who by then should be almost

Whaddya mean? That's more than half the meals I serve. Tossed with great care, I might add.

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I figured this pork loin in blackberry/red currant/tomatillo sauce would get better with some refrigerator age, but wow. Pan-fried okra on the side.


I knew what I would drink with this.


2012 Clos Cibonne Cotes de Provence Cuvee Speciale Tibouren


Summer's ending, and so is my stash of this. You couldn't ask for a better pairing.


This really is a rather unique wine. Not edgy or anything -- it just doesn't much taste like anything else. A lighter, sprightlier Syrah, maybe -- but really lighter and really sprightlier. If tasting blind, I think I'd guess a Balearic wine.


Anyway, it's delicious: compulsively drinkable. And it goes with a fruity/herby dish like this like white on rice.

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Some leftover tomato-eggplant sauce on spaghetti (if I wanted to be pretentious, I could call it Pasta a la Norma -- but it isn't).


In memory of SFJoe, I wanted to open up a great bottle: the kind I usually am afraid to drink by myself with my crap for dinner. But not with THIS crap. There are limits: I just can't waste great wine that way.


So I thought that the other thing that Joe would have wanted was for me to keep drinking up my old CdRs.


2007 Domaine Grand Nicolet Vielles Vignes Cotes du Rhone Villages Rasteau


I'm wondering whether I drank this too soon.


I'm at a loss as to why I bought this. This is precisely what I don't like: big, "jammy", alcoholic Southern wine. It's dying down somewhat -- this was quite drinkable, even as is -- but you can see how, just how it would have been intolerable a few years ago, a couple more years might bring the jam level down a bit more, and further integrate the oak into the fruit to boot.


But, as I said, it was quite drinkable tonight. The biggest testament to that is that I thought I'd save the half of the bottle left over to eat with hamburgers tomorrow: (a) it seems to be a good hamburger wine, and (b) it seems like the kind of wine that would be better the second day. That's all very nice -- but there isn't going to be anything (much less than half a bottle) left. This must be more drinkable than I'm giving it credit for.


I have no idea where Joe would have stood on that issue. But I like to think he'd have encouraged me to finish the bottle.

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