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Back to goose pastrami heaven.  I put ramps on the sandwishes cuz, well, they're not getting any younger.  Marcella's smothered cabbage on the side.

I know I swore to open a better Alasatian Riesling with this final batch of the pastrami.  Imagine my mortification to find that I had none on-site.  And much as love this goose pastrami, I wasn't going to open a Grand Old Deiss Blend.  I was still pretty committed to an Alsatian wine as a pairing with this.  Which left me with a wine that is in fact a personal fave -- but that I feared would be too light, maybe.

2015 Laurent Barth Pinot d'Alsace

A stupid worry, since one of the titular Pinots that comprise this blend is Pinot Noir.  (Also look for Pinots Blanc, Gris, and Auxerrois.)  God is this a delicious wine.  And since its appeal isn't based on racy fruitiness or sparkle, it ages, too (within reason).

What you get is a tangle of flavors that LOVES food.  (Joethefoodie and I have both agreed that it's a Top 5 pairing for Cantonese:  it's MADE for delicate food like that.) (Which is why I was a little concerned about the rather indelicate goose pastrami.)  Even this food.

So you get apples, citrus, surprisingly plums (I guess that's the Noir peaking through), and even more surprisingly grapes.  Then you get a spectrum of minerals -- but they're extremely harmonious.

God I may love this wine even more than I love goose pastrami.

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