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Oh wait I see what the problem may be.  Professional reviews suggest that this wine isn't near ready yet.  (Doesn't explain those delicious other bottles, though.)

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I read all these threads about these fabulous dinners people have at home, with photogenic, obviously labor-intensive food, and legendary bottles.   I can't speak for anybody else on this board, bu

If I'm not enjoying wine when I'm seventy, then my nieces and nephews are going to be stuck with a shitload of wine they won't know what to do with.   Or my next wife, who by then should be almost

Whaddya mean? That's more than half the meals I serve. Tossed with great care, I might add.

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I should have given this a longer decant before dinner.  Probably I did that with previous bottles.

But when I got home from my concert, I was hungry.  I wanted to eat as soon as I was finished with the post-show work I had to do.

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Another late late work night.  (OK:  I spent late afternoon at the opera.)  Good thing Mark Bittman had that Spaghetti with Fried Eggs recipe in the Times this week.  A midnight pasta if ever there was one.

Except it wasn't spaghetti.   It was liguine.  I was unaccountably out of spaghetti.

Also, a shit-ton of end-of-season RAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS found their way into it.

On the side, way-past-wilted flowering arugula (another Martha Stewart recipe!), cooked with spring garlic and balsamic vinegar (RG's Mixtecan salt working its revivifying magic on the aged arugula).

Forget about geography.  It was obvious that this wanted a Sancerre.

2018 Domaine Pellé Sancerre "La Croix au Garde"

Unfortunately, this bottle is off.  Not like "it'll be better if given a chance to open."  Like "this tastes wrong".  Harsh.  Imbalanced.

I'll admit I didn't apply my best storage practices to this.  Too bad.

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On 6/1/2022 at 2:26 AM, Sneakeater said:

This gives me an idea as to the preparation of the next batch!

Hokkaido Snow Beef smoked in the Ibushi Gin Donabe (hickory chips).  One piece just salted, the other also dusted with Ichimi Togarashi.  I also threw in a couple of asparagus stalks and some RAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSS (they're getting so decrepit they probably should lose the emphasis).

Most of the asparagus, however, I sautéed and then poached the Martha Stewart way.  The smoked asparagus was really good -- but Martha's method of asparagus preparation is, to my taste, just about perfect.  (Of course, I poach them A LOT longer than she does.)

Also, because I have them, some more of those Vallarta beans.

So how was the steak this way?  I still think it's too rich and not meaty enough.  But if you're not gonna be making Erotic Beef (and why, I ask in retrospect, wouldn't you — or more to the point, I — be?), this is a good way to eat it.  I wish the smoking had added more oomph; but the light Ibushi Gin smoke doesn't do that.

It struck me yesterday what would be a great pairing with this.

2017 Proprietà Sperino Rosa del Rosa

An Alto Piemonte rosato, made from the Alto Piemonte blend of mainly Nebbiolo with "altro uve".  It has the flavor and tannin of the Nebbiolo, but is even more recessed than a Nebbiolo red.   But also -- here's where it worked with this fatty fatty but only modestly tasty steak -- markedly more acidic.  So it had the tannin to bind with all that fat, and the acid to cut it.  And light enough flavor not to steamroll over the mild (except for the fatiness) meat.

It doesn't hurt that it's also delicious.  Strawberry (but very subtle -- not like in Provence), tarter red berries, minerals (yes!).

I used to wonder whether this wine could age.  I don't wonder any more.

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