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gosh, I haven't even considered the question. And I own some of that wine. How long for the '88s?


'05 is classic, ripe, structured, just the kind of thing to close down for years and show no joy before blossoming later.


ultimately, we depend on guys like you to take one for the team and report back.

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I read all these threads about these fabulous dinners people have at home, with photogenic, obviously labor-intensive food, and legendary bottles.   I can't speak for anybody else on this board, bu

If I'm not enjoying wine when I'm seventy, then my nieces and nephews are going to be stuck with a shitload of wine they won't know what to do with.   Or my next wife, who by then should be almost

Whaddya mean? That's more than half the meals I serve. Tossed with great care, I might add.

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With some leftover maialino and malfatti manque.


2006 Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico


This is a modern Chianti from this reliable -- if massive -- producer. The Sangiovese is blended with Merlot and Syrah. (In Mantalcino, they'd have to lie about doing that. In Chianti, it's part of the blend.)


This wine was clearly meant to be drunk young. But, as you know, shit happens.


It didn't benefit from the delay. The fruit is fading -- but rather than seeming pleasantly dusty, the way I like my too-old wines to be, it just seems like it's fighting a losing battle against the still-present tannin.


Not terrible (that'll be next year). The tannins met their match in the very fatty (I have to admit it) food I ate with this. But, objectively, not particularly good at this point.

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One of the main reasons I've started eating at home more is to finish drinking all my wine before I die. But now I'm beginning to wonder whether the pork blade roast I made a couple of weeks ago is going to outlast my wine.


It didn't take an MW to come up with a good pairing for what is, basically, roast pork and beans over rice.*


2004 Lopez de Heredia Vina Cubillo


This is L de H's junior cuvee, their crianza.


I can imagine that many would have preferred this a couple of years ago, when the fruit was fresher. But to my taste, this is in a great place right now. (Remember that 2004 was a very great vintage in Rioja.) The brambly berry fruit is there -- but it doesn't dominate the various secondary flavors so much as blend with them. No tobacco: despite the historical associations, this is not a Bordeaux. But some wood -- my palate would say (no matter how it's made, and oddly for a Rioja) cedar rather than oak -- and then some spices (more "spice" than "herb", if that makes sense).


I think I love Rioja for a similar reason that I love Barolo: in different ways, they synthesize the good points of Burgundy and Bordeaux.


Is L de H my very favorite winemaker in the entire world? I wouldn't say no.


* Bonner has, rightly, celebrated Anson Mills' great laurel-flavored Charleston Gold rice. But their plain Carolina Gold rice is itself far superior to any plain rice I've ever had at home. I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. Even Stone would be willing to pay for extra portions.

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Just don't ask for a new bowl of rice right after the first course of the tasting menu.


The plain Carolina rice is pretty damn cool, but not the easiest starch to deliver from the kitchen. I will need to repeat to be sure how I feel.


I am pretty long LdH myself.


Old Tondonia white is in the queue for lunch tomorrow to go with the hamachi collars. Will LYK.

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I don't begrudge you your fine food and wine. I'm happy for you.


Thanks, bro. You seem to muddle through reasonably well yourself.


Anyhow, this one's all DIY, and not very hard at all, in truth.


And I haven't even mentioned the uni toasts.

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Old Tondonia Blanca and hamachi collars.



I had the 1987 R. Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Blanco at Manresa earlier this year. Special stuff (especially for a tasting menu).


Recently, I've enjoyed the 2011 St. John (private import) which is produced by Chateau de Lascaux for the restaurant. Surprisingly soft for a cab-syrah blend. Very good food wine as was the Canti Barbera.


The LCBO has finally started carrying Cigare Volant (2008), which I was excited about because I remember drinking it years ago at terroir and in the states. Thought that the 2009 Chateau Tronquoy, Lalande out performed its price and the 2010 Adaptation Cabernet underperformed.


I used to really enjoy the Momo Sauvignon Blanc, but feel like it's become another New Zealand gooseberry party in recent years. I much prefered Jonathan Didier Pabiot's 2012 Loire Sauvignon Blanc. Hopefully the LCBO is still carrying in the spring when I start drinking more white.

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Stir up a bit of soy sauce, a smidge of wasabi powder, and some fancy olive oil. Dunk uni in this.


Toast baguette rounds, rub with raw garlic.


Fish out the uni, slap on toasts, serve.


With 1964 Tondonia GR white if you have some handy.


2002 Dagueneau Silex gave a very strong showing today, too. I was worried, but the wine was great.


1990 Roche aux Moines Savennieres was corked. :ph43r:

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Hamachi collars marinated briefly in soy, grated ginger, minced garlic, rice vinegar, olive oil.


Broiled. In my (pretty hot, and well-preheated) broiler, 7 or 8 minutes skin side up, turn, then about the same again.


Slap on plates.

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AB^2s first birthday was today. Well the party was. His actual birthday was 1/2. I figured it best to serve something from the same vintage as him. So


Chermette Beaujolais 2013


Veal Shanks

Homemade Pasta

Shaved Brussels Sprouts w Pecorino and Walnuts

Orange Salad with orange flower water

Salsa Verde

And Homemade Yellow Cake w Choc Buttercream.

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