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Bauer's a douchebag! Pretentious is the last word I'd use to describe my experience here tonight. One of my best meals ever in a totally pleasant, unaffected setting. I went with my parents so we were able to order tonight's entire menu, three choices for each course. I liked everything and would be hard-pressed to name a favorite. I was too busy eating to think about it too much but here's a sketchy summary of what we had:


An amuse bouche of a poached egg yolk on onion infused cream and some finely diced crunchy dates and I think green onion or chives.


Starters were beet salad with shiso leaves and sauce of some sort; the raw albacore with pickled onions, coriander berries, and a pepper puree; and a fennel soup poured over butter beans and nasturtiums and some other stuff


Mains were grilled Hake seasoned with fennel pollen on some kind of puree; chicken breast with sauteed lobster and porcini mushrooms in a rich jus; and slow cooked sirloin on smashed potatoes with broccoli and an eggplant puree


Desserts were panna cotta with candied almonds, a foam, some raspberry stuff and madeleines on the side w/ a birthday candle because mom outed me; compressed melon cubes covered with a melon soup and some lemongrass snow; and the cheese course of a goat's milk cheese, cow's milk cheese and a sheep's milk blue and some caramelized honey and cherry preserves with thin slices of toasted hazelnut bread


I forget what you call the after dessert but it was absinthe gelee.

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