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British (and Irish) Delicacies

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On 8/18/2009 at 9:02 AM, Wilfrid1 said:

Spam, of course, is universal, but my mention of it on another thread seemed to turn delicate stomachs.




Although it originated in the States, Spam - or spiced ham to give the full yummy name - became very popular in the UK, probably (although I haven't confirmed it) during time of food shortages during and following the Second World War. Eaten as the main ingredient of a salad (i.e. sliced cucumber, pickled beetroot, lettuce and tomato, with Heinz Salad Cream), as a sandwich filler, or dipped in batter and deep fried. The latter is a Spam fritter, and they were a weekly item on the school lunch menu growing up. With Heinz Baked Beans, I think.


Here's another quaint British snack, the gala pie. Essentially, this is a pie with the same crust and spiced pork filling as the traditional pork pie, but made with the addition of eggs. The shape is rectangular to display the eggs to proper effect when sliced.




More tasty treats?

cornish pasties

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