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That's fantastic! You have no idea how hard it is to find new recipes to utilise my Pacojet, let alone the waterbath and vacuum packing gizmo.


This is willy-waving of the highest order.

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Can't find my conversion table, but my guess is that king scallops are large sea scallops, so 16 = about 1 pound, maybe a little less?


At least this recipe doesn't expect you to make your own black pudding. :blink: And everything else is pretty simple and not gussied-up. This could actually be done in less than a day!

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I like this.

What's 16 x King Scallops? two pound? one?

He's using a number because of the way he's serving, with 2 scallops per portion, over here it isn't difficult to buy larger seafood; scallops, langoustine etc. individually although they are still charged by weight.


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