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Permanent Brunch

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Given our 53 page (and counting) Redhead thread, I am surprised we don't have discussion of Permanent Brunch. Meg Grace is offering essentially a fancied up breakfast menu every evening here, as well as through brunch-time on weekends.


I think this one is a matter of taste. Thought and care has gone into the food, but I found some of it a bit overwhelming.


The trick here is to take well-chosen cheese and ham, stuff the French toast with it, and ladle a mustard-accented maple syrup over the result.


Has anyone else tried it? Stopping by a glass of good whisky and a plate of bacon would be a good way to approach it.

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Hey, I'm doing better than the Times, anyway:

On the subject of brunch, the chef Colin Alevras holds inflexible opinions. For example: "I love to go to brunch, but I don't want to stand in line with the rest of those lunatics. ThereÂ’s no reason you should ever do that. Ever." His new venture, Permanent Brunch, will serve eggs, waffles, red flannel hash, bloody marys and silver dollar pancakes, all staples of morning eating. Mr. Alevras intends to offer them all day, and all night on weekends. If it seems like a step down in the world for the former chef and co-owner of the Tasting Room, Mr. Alevras says that is fine with him.



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They seem to be going through various formats of being closed. First I think a marshal was unhappy with them, then they seemed open for a couple of days, then closed again with no marshal involved. I guess the market for Brunch at 2pm on Mondays just isn't there.

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It's worse than that, in a sense, because they aren't open daytime on weekdays at all. It's the demand for brunch at 10pm that has been slack.


A new chef is coming on board, and I think a significant rethink is on the cards. Which might include the name.

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I feel the frustration. How can a medium-small restaurant on that strip not work? Answer, of course, by coming up with complex concepts.


Look around. Decent food, large quantities, low prices. Buenos Aires is not making claims for its beef (or if it is, nobody is listening).

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