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Howdy. I'm headed back to Dublin area for a month or so starting this weekend. I'm staying a bit south of town, so am looking for some nice lunches to enjoy in town.

Is Vintage Kitchen still a must?

Edited to add- those sandwiches look pretty great, will do recon and report back.


I haven't been back since September, so maybe check some more recent reviews, but that will be the first place I book when I go back. They have their shit 100% together.

Excellent- and it's right off the Tara St. DART stop. Thanks!

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Excellent- and it's right off the Tara St. DART stop. Thanks!

NYT visits Dublin and finds over stuffed sandwiches

Green Bench Cafe in Montague Street for a slow roasted brisket sandwich.

147 Deli in Parnell Street for exotic fillings, like bbq sandwiches

Brother Hubbard for poached chicken with harrissa mayo

Cotton, Oxmantown and others.


Was able to make it to Oxmantown for lunch on Friday (18 March). What a delight. Small space, with bench seating round the edge of the room. Subway tile on the walls, a shiny clean place, delightful crew running the place.


Order at the counter from a menu written on the tiles, and a chalkboard of specials by the register. Specials that day were black pudding, soup of celeriac and butternut squash (celeriac is big here), Lebanese flatbread with bulgar, pomegranate, hummus and harissa, and the one we ordered- salad of julienned beetroot, apple, fennel with chickpeas, golden raisins and toasted seeds. What a wonderful balance of crunch, acid, musty beet, and sweetness of the raisin and apple. I'm going to try and recreate this one.


For sandwiches:

1) 12 hour roasted pork shoulder on a blaa roll with rocket and lemon aioli. This was juicy and delicious, and the blaa- I thought it would disintegrate, but it held up despite the softness. (My order) I originally wanted the Asian pork belly, but that was a special that was not available that day.


2) roast chicken and stuffing. I "suggested" the Reuben to my friend, but he got this one. A bit light on the chicken, but the sage aioli and rocket (again) saved the day. Served on sourdough


3) grilled cheese with 3 cheeses (nope, I didn't even ask!). Had tomatoes and pickles grilled right in there, this was the winner. Maybe because it was a warm sandwich on a cold day, but it really hit the spot.


Charming looking desserts are available. Drinks are San pelligrino sodas and some other small batch stuff, but the free still water was a nice touch, and much appreciated.


I told them that I found them from the NY Times article, and they didn't even know about it. Well, they kindof pretended to, but I could tell they were confused, so I pulled it up on my phone for them. (Free wifi, with password right on the wall) There's an article in food and wine about them that they proudly showed me. I got that recipe for the Asian pork belly sandwich there :)


Everything was excellent, and it's a short walk off the Liffey. Prices- good sized sandwiches for €5.50 each. Beetroot salad was €5. So the bill, for 3, was €21.50. Sodas were €2 each, I think- I stuck with water. A good stop on the way to the Old Jameson Distillery, if that's your thing...


Blondie- I wanted to go to vintage kitchen, but I had a mushroom-hating vegetarian in tow, and their veg dish was a mushroom thing.

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