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We just got back from our week in Galicia. A great trip. Beautiful cities in Santiago and Pontevedra. Lovely Countryside in the Rias Biaxas, Costa Do Morte, and the Ribiera Sacra. To get the basic tourism details out of the way we stayed in the Parador in Santiago (overpriced but a can't beat location and a lovely building) and the spent the remaining days in Rural Tourism establishments (guide is downloadable from turgalicia - highly recommended) As LML said in my earlier thread on the topic - its really a region of fantastic products. Just brilliantly fresh fish prepared simply. You can really see why the Spanish prize Hake so.


The only food pictures I have are of the Festa Do Marisco in O Grove (A pretty non-descript holiday town but the fest was massively entertaining.)





partial shots of the menu



Our first round


Percebes - that's a glass of wine there. 8 Euro for a bottle of Albarino. People we spoke with were kind of surprised when I told them what a bottle would go for in NYC. Also whenever I tried to order Ribeira Sacra in places they tried to dissuade me. Shame - its delicious.


Zamburinas - not sea scallops but not as small as the bay scallops I remember catching before the mid 80's browntides in the peconic. Also similar in terms of relative sweetness.


The requisite octopus. Not the best we had by a long shot but better then nearly any I've had in NYC


The huge copper pots used for the octopus


A dozen really briny oysters for 4.50. I think there were two vendors of these and the crowd clearly preferred the others - which we did not try.


Tuna Empanadas seemed to be the gratis tapas of choice in this part of the world. Here we opted for a zamburina version.


Cockles. Oh my lord were these sweet. Like kernals of sweet corn. Just fantastic


to be continued....

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We just got back from our week in Galicia. A great trip. Beautiful cities in Santiago and Pontevedra. Lovely Countryside in the Rias Biaxas, Costa Do Morte, and the Ribiera Sacra. To get the basic to

Almost that bad. We are still not deemed worthy of FIOS, dammit.



A big plate of razor clams. The crowd favorite.


on the plancha


a final plate of head-on shrimp

I forgot to take a picture of the velvet crabs.



By no means was this the best shellfish we had - but it was all very high quality - certainly better then you could regularly expect to find here.


On last quasi related food shot

4008925513_84b8dbd22f_b.jpg The vineyards of Ribera Sacra. A really pretty place. It was also the height of chestnut season when we were there - the ground was covered in them and falling nuts were a constant mini-hazard.


Thanks to LML for pointing us away from the Basque Country. The weather was even pretty good - only 2 days of rain.

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Faro Rojo de Punta is a pretty scenic spot.

Then walk dead north to the other light house, in this case, a white one.

That's a pretty scenic spot too.

You have now glanced at most of the Rias Baixas from Baiona to O Grove, not to mention the Illas Cies.

Can really only drive to Costa da Vela so you need to walk a little bit (unless you have a seriously bad-ass 4-wheeler).

Go on a clear day. Have lunch at Prado Viejo on your way.

There are worse things to do in life ...



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Reasonable, simple tapas. sit outside. always busy w people waiting.


I've opted to go to Taberna Gaioso next door on a couple of occasions.


You just need to eyeball it and see what looks good.


(I'm heading out the door ... might be able to provide Gaioso pics in the future ...)

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Taberna Gaioso ... August 2013


Carpaccio de foie ...




with its toasts ...




Tartar de cigala, langostinos e aguacate ...







Fish toast ...







Taberna Gaioso ... August 2014


Carpaccio de foie ... another presentation ... that streak is a gel de Pedro Ximenez




Octopus burger with fiery fries ...





Mussels with sesame ...




This time, it's a tostinas de lubina ...





Good tapas in Galicia if you want a nibble.

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Royal Papal Bull from the Great Court

of His Eminence Chambo Le Grand

Addressed to all the Little People

in all of his Dominions ...

[written accents have been tossed into the rias but please read this bull aloud at full volume using your best accent a la francaise ... I wish I could be there to do it for you ... it would be something grand ...]



C'est le metier d'un roi de regner et d'etre digne et non pas de repondre !

Et bien sur, de ne pas repondre aux questions absolument absurdes !

Merci a mon ambassadeur de mes domaines d'outre-mer d'avoir deja repondu.

Mes simples serfs sont si self-centered qu'ils n'ont aucune idee de mon metier ni de mes idees.

Le metier d'un roi, c'est d'etre grand ... d'etre extremement grand ... dans toutes les formes de la vie.

Les portraits grands ... les photos grandes ... les selfies grandioses.

Le metier d'un roi, c'est de porter des choses les plus grandes, les plus longues, les plus fabuleuses et les plus majestueuses.

Sur la tete ... sur la poitrine ... sur les pieds ... et bien sur dans la grande poche de mes pantalon.

Un roi ne porte pas des cheveux ni des vetements de tout le monde.

Un roi ne porte pas des sneakers des common people.

Un roi porte des sneakers de Common Projects, mais d'une production completement limitee a la royaute !

Un roi n'utilise pas un portable disponible aux common people.

Un roi a dans la poche de ses pantalon quelque chose de stupefiante, d'eblouissante et de craquante.

un truc d'une puissance inimaginable,

un truc d'une taille transversale terrifiante

un truc d'une longueur qui fait peur

un truc monstrueux qui fait saliver les technophiles et les salopes simultanement

Enfin bref, sans surprise, votre roi est le grand roi de vos reves ...

avec des capacités physicales et technologiques tremblantes !

Et helas. mes simples serfs ne souhaitent que des photos petites des choses to eat.

Pfffffffffft !

Quelles Conneries !

Une Grande Nation ne survivra pas longtemps

sans un grand roi, sans rire,

sans rigueur, sans Rigaud, sans Soleil.

Have a nice day !

Royal activities await me ...



[ Splash ... ]



Think kingdoms, Bonner !


Bonnner, we should talk. I know people who know people ...



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