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Anyone need a job in computer programming?

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Two of my cousins work for the same company doing programming stuff, and they say there's going to be a huge hiring run in a short while. The company is called Itron and they deal with meters--the kind that read electricity consumption and the like. Warning--it may involve a lot of travel depending on the unit you're in or the project you're working on. One of my cousins is based in Winnipeg, and for the last several months he has spent 3-5 days a week working on a project in Chicago, and the other cousin has been doing a lot of international travel on various projects.


I don't know much more than that, but it's worth keeping an eye on their website for jobs if that's the kind of work you do.


ETA: When they're not travelling, they both work from home, not at an office, so I don't think it really matters where you live, as long as you can travel (depending on the unit you're in or on the project you're on).

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You're welcome! FWIW, neither of my cousins speak any other language but English. My mother said the company is in a hurry to finish up state contracts before the end of the year (so the states can get their federal funding for those projects), and that's why they're going to be hiring. It might only be short-term contracts, but one of my cousins said they were expanding overseas in the near future, so they'll need more people for that, too. (He's banking on Japan, so he started studying Japanese recently.)

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