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White Truffle Possibilities

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Like every year, I continue in my pursuit of reasonably priced (relatively) and delicious all-white-truffle menus. I've sent an e-mail to ADNY asking about this, and will visit the $50/person place

I went into Buon Italia last winter to get some rice, and the whole back of the store reeked of truffles. I floated back on the aroma to discover a couple of people unpacking what was essentially a s

The pierogies are nuxbait, right?

Hi everyone, I'm new to Mouthfuls.


I had the fresh taglierini with butter and cream sauce and shaved white truffles at Peasant a couple of weeks ago that was offered as a special; $50/appetizer portion or $100/entree portion. It was divine but not quite as good as I've had before since it was still early in the season. I believe they were offering it shaved on other dishes for a surcharge but not certain as I sort of stopped listening after I heard about my dish being the pasta junkie that I am.


I also second S.O.S. chefs for purchasing anything - truffles or otherwise. The mushrooms she gets are amazing.



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I wonder if he's clever enough to use different names when he reserves.


No no, he's shameless. He used his own name. I googled him. He's in the food business as well. :P Well, not fine dining by any means, more like a cart with fire and dead animals on it... :P


I think you should make his name and photo public.

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finally going to the source to eat as many of these suckers as i can


Wilf - white truffle auction at San Domenico years ago - baskets of the stuff everywhere, best headache i've ever had!


By the way. what did they say about this year's crop at the event - gonna be a good one?

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Well it was a very upbeat event with a representative of Alba there, and sponsorship by the Piedmont tourist board, so of course there was general optimism.

As for San Domenico, I was reminded again of Tony May, at the end of evening service during the season, sitting down by himself at a table with the remnants of the night's truffles and a bowl of pasta, calmly grating himself a few dozen grams. :)

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