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White Truffle Possibilities

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Like every year, I continue in my pursuit of reasonably priced (relatively) and delicious all-white-truffle menus. I've sent an e-mail to ADNY asking about this, and will visit the $50/person place

I went into Buon Italia last winter to get some rice, and the whole back of the store reeked of truffles. I floated back on the aroma to discover a couple of people unpacking what was essentially a s

The pierogies are nuxbait, right?


I'm looking forward to my first sampling of this year's harvest at our premier local Italian restaurant in a few days.


What a treat!


Don't forget to tell them to cook your truffles.





Dave, you will be doing the truffle thing next week, I hope? I have a very crowded few days this weekend, including Sleeping Beauty and the Wedding of the Year.

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some serious wines too

Serious, but way too young.


For $1000, I really would expect some properly aged Barolos.



I was about to say that too -- the good 2004s (and those are GOOD 2004s) are not nearly ready to drink.

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