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White Truffle Possibilities

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Prices are definitely much higher this year. The NoMad is selling them at cost as they did last year. "Reasonable" = 4 grams @ $45. "Ridiculous" = 8 grams @ $95. We did the "Ridiculous." The truffles were presented at the table and then shaved in the kitchen over tagliatelle with butter and Parmesan. We each had our own.




At Vaucluse, we shared an order of white truffles (I'm guessing 4 grams) on tajaran (thin ribbon pasta) with Parisian ham and butter. $59 (inclusive).




I just got an email from Felidia. They're having a White Truffle Extravaganza this Thursday. 5 courses with paired wines. $415.


Edited to add: We've no interest in it.

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Like every year, I continue in my pursuit of reasonably priced (relatively) and delicious all-white-truffle menus. I've sent an e-mail to ADNY asking about this, and will visit the $50/person place

I went into Buon Italia last winter to get some rice, and the whole back of the store reeked of truffles. I floated back on the aroma to discover a couple of people unpacking what was essentially a s

The pierogies are nuxbait, right?

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