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White Truffle Possibilities

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Like every year, I continue in my pursuit of reasonably priced (relatively) and delicious all-white-truffle menus. I've sent an e-mail to ADNY asking about this, and will visit the $50/person place

I went into Buon Italia last winter to get some rice, and the whole back of the store reeked of truffles. I floated back on the aroma to discover a couple of people unpacking what was essentially a s

The pierogies are nuxbait, right?

ok, every white truffle lover on mouthfuls, if you have a major truffle craving (like I do), maybe I can help. I used to work with Tony May and I'd be happy to arrange a special table/dinner for a few at San Domenico. Tony has his own trifolau, Sandrino, in Piedmont (and a courier who goes to Piedmont - back and forth in season, a suitcase-ful of gorgeous, head-ache inducing white truffles every time). I could find out when would be a good time (my guess - early-mid Nov. - you don't want the very first or last truffles of the season) and what they would charge (I'll bat my eyelashes really hard :-)


Generally, when the truffles are good, they are plentiful and less expensive. Bad truffle year=high prices and crappy truffles. The enjoyment of white truffles is mostly olfactory, one of the reasons they hsave the truffles so thinly - it helps release the aroma.


Best "carriers" for truffles (like any flavor) are butter and eggs, specifically egg yolks. Pasta, esp. the egg yolk raviolo with truffles at San Domenico, potatoes and risotto are the best. Beef tartare with egg yolk works well too, if you don't want carbs. (I was as at dinner once where JG served white truffles over fish. White truffles and fish?????)


Let me know if anyone is interested.

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I always hit San Domenico for white truffles in November.  Welcome to Mouthfuls.

thank you!! are you the official welcome committee? guess it will be you and me and the truffles at San Domenico ;)


Do you go to the gala dinner with truffle auction or just a regular dinner?

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Wilfrid, I agree that it's best to go a la carte and yes, they are very accommodating.


Cabrales, sorry to hear about your bad experience. That's why I offered to arrange a table/dinner - to make sure that we'd get special attention and generous servings of truffles in their peak condition. As for food, hmm, if you didn't like it, then, of course, I can see you wouldn't be exactly racing back. But with white truffles, isn't the best way to enjoy them over simple preparations?


By the way, in case I didn't make that clear - the idea was to get a table and a little special attention, not trying to sell you anything! Not trying to organize a private dinner or prix fixe or anything of the sort. Simply, I worked with Tony and Marisa May in the past (not currently) and we remain friendly. They get good truffles, usually well priced, and it always makes the experience more special if they know you, whether you are a regular or a friend. That's all.


By the way, has anyone been to Antonio Carluccio's Neal Street restaurant in London during truffle season?

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The current white truffle thread on eGullet sees Felonius recommending Cafe Boulud. That had not occurred to me as an option. I haven't dined there since Carmellini left. Felonius argues that the truffle he sampled at CB was superior to that at San Domenico, although he acknowledges the SD shavings were generous. At $5 per gram, the price has held steady from last year.

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Felonius mentions $110 for angel hair pasta with shaved truffles. Given that standard CB pasta dishes are $30, that's an $80 supplement, which is stiff. We don't know how lavishly they were shaved, but obviously that's 16 grams at SD prices, which I think is unlikely. I wonder why Tony May's truffle prices seem to be low. It's not like SD is afraid to wring sweat and blood from your wallet.

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