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Ninety Acres in Peapack

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It's a spectacular location. And, there's a lot of affluence in the vicinity (Harding, Mendham, Gladstone, Far Hills, Peapack, Warren, Tewksbury, etc).

When I was in high school and college and still living in NJ, my friends and I spent endless time wandering around and exploring that part of the state. Gorgeous.


‘Natirar’ is an awful name.

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'Natirar' is an awful name.


Especially when you realize it's Raritan backwards. <_<


eta: Doh, I didn't know it said so in the article.

Reminds me of Serutan.


Reminds me of "Able was I, 'ere I saw Elba." Lol.


Yeah, they should deep 6 that name before they open.

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Elisa Ung has a nice write up on the project in her Bergen Record column:


Realizing a dream



Yards away from Felton's new digs — in a former carriage house and garage — is a new vegetable and herb garden, as well as 70 chickens, three Berkshire pigs, two cows, 18 pregnant sheep and a presumably happy ram. They will provide much of the restaurant's meat, eggs and, eventually, cheese. In summertime, Felton estimates that 80 percent of his menu ingredients will be from the farm.


The restaurant is decorated in a warm, upscale lodge style using reclaimed wood from the property. It will seat almost 150, plus more for private dining — and even more on the outdoor patio in good weather. It will offer a changing seasonal a la carte menu, tasting menu options and a private dining room.


Felton's opening menu includes dishes like wood-fired pizza with pumpkin, ricotta, kale, nutmeg and sage; a Tuesday "farmer's plate" of fried chicken with cheddar biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy; and a dessert of gingerbread panna cotta with poached pears and pomegranate.


Felton and other Ninety Acres managers resist comparisons to Blue Hill at Stone Barns — the upscale, pioneering farm-to-table concept in Westchester County, N.Y. — saying theirs will be a more accessible concept that they hope will attract diners several times a week. Appetizers are priced from $9 to $13, entrées between $20 and $34. A $75 tasting menu option is also available in what's called the BMF — "bring me food" — area, which overlooks the dramatic open kitchen.

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The table to get is the private table nestled outside the kitchen, with a view to the farm. The kitchen is GORGEOUS and large and sun-filled, and Chef Felton is appropriately excited about realizing the table to farm concept. The pizzas were fantastic - especially the pork belly and raw egg version. The CMO, Chief Mixology Officer, is the very talented Tom Richter, who makes his very own tonic and other artisanal elixirs.

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