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The Breslin

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I think I've finally figured out the way to maximize your appreciation of The Breslin.


Go only every few years.


It had been ages since I went. But, I was planning a night out with a friend whose wife is a vegetarian and whose daughter is a vegan: he relies on me for the occasional meat-filled debauch. And Ryan Sutton's rave review and the news that they now take reservations for small parties appeared virtually simultaneously. (I like to think I got their very first reservation for two.*) So The Breslin seemed like a good bet.


I remember thinking in the past that everything here was too heavy/fatty/umami-laden. But, after an absence of a few years, that night everything just seemed pretty delicious.


I started with a special appetizer of thinly-sliced prime rib on pieces of toast fried in beef tallow. Maybe that sounds a little gross, but on the tongue it was fantastic. The beef is served cool; the glistening bread is hot. In fact, this dish creates the surprising sensation of the (delicious) beef seeming lighter than the bread. Not for every week (much less every night). But a treat.


Then, the current on-menu pork dish: a loin with gooseberries and I don't remember what else. The pork was perfectly cooked: not even a tiny bit dry. And the savory seasoning was just great! Packing a flavor punch beyond your normal pork plate.


Now not even a dedicated hog like myself wants this kind of thing all the time. But on occasion, I now see, it's just great.


If you haven't been in a while, you really should consider going.



* On my way out, the woman at the hostess desk mentioned to me that it's better to phone for reservations than to use OT, as they hold back most of the prime-time ones from OT.

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You know, it's funny. Like all of us, I have a drawerful of such cards, which I usually just toss in the drawer as useless (since I usually feel either that the proffer was insincere, or that I don't really need special help in any event).


For some reason, though, that Alder card seemed like it would make a difference in my life.

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I, like SE, used the new reservations policy as a chance to go again. Somehow I ended up eating a meatless meal? Seafood Sausage and a Special Fish Head. I think I'm over the Seafood Sausage. Its kind of gross good and the casing didn't have the snap it needed. Fish head was great and exactly the sort of barbaric WTF thing I expect from them.


Oh yeah - and last nights version of sneaks tallow toast thing was lamb hearts and kidneys. Which just sounded insane to me, and I don't like Kidneys enough to use my organ meat allowance on them.

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Two month old report:


What: suckling pig at Breslin.


Take away: the salt levels at Bloomfield restaurants make me think that they are all an art project to see if one can be cured from the inside out. Incredibly, the salad was the worst offender. The "second service" of the head presented with organs served its purpose. The potatoes are really good.

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It's been a while, but the snacks and apps at The Breslin last night were solid (in a business group; no photos, but I was able to order everything I wanted to try on a "for the table" pretext).


Duck hearts, toasts with blood sausage and quails eggs, toad in the hole with snails, even the little kielbasa were interesting.


Choice of mains a bit dull (steak, chop, fish --no stuffed pig foot), but the lamb burger is still exemplary, even if it comes with high quality blue cheese instead of melted yellow plastic :troll:

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