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The Breslin

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We're told it's a two hour wait.

That was a great rant. Occasionally I hear that "2 hour wait" warning at no reservation places. I smile, thank them, and move on to Plan B. It's never worth the wait. Never.



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Guest Aaron T

Lunch with a friend on Friday at the Breslin. A few minute wait at noon for them to switch from the breakfast to lunch menus. April Bloomfield was in the house as was Ken. Per Daisy's recommendation I got the terrine of skate and potato and the lamb burger (with whipped aoili). The frites served with the burger were large and hot and delicious. They were served with a dipping sauce that tasted middle eastern to me. The lamb burger was cooked medium rare as asked and had whipped sauce on it with some onions. A lot of food but managed to eat it all. The terrine was indeed a winner and Daisy described it well upthread.


What a scene the Ace Hotel and Breslin is. Even in the middle of the day, between all the vests and the flannel it was the love child of Death & Co and Portland. At the large communal table in the lobby lounge there must have been 8 folks on Macintosh/Apple computers. Only one non-Mac and it was a Vaio. The lobby was about half full when we went into lunch and jamming when we left. The wait for a coffee at the Stumptown branch off the lobby was long. Between the "serious cocktail bar" vest-attired folks and the PNW style folks and the design hipsters it was a bit surreal for me. If only it overlooked the High Line or a copse of trees then it would be complete.


Didn't try the cocktails as was not up to it after all the wine at Eleven Madison Park & Death & Co. the evening prior.

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I'd also like to put in a good word for the Ace Hotel lobby bar, which has been much derided in this thread.


Compare this bar to what I would take to be its most recent precursor, the Rose/Jade bars at the Gramercy. This bar is open, democratic, and relatively unpretentious. Those were overdesigned (if cool) and exclusionary. And, sure, the affected hipster laptop jockeys in the Ace lobby may be annoying. But nowhere near as annoying as the Rose/Jade Bar club kids.


I guess you might say that the Not-the-Boom-Boom-Room in the Standard is the real successor to the Rose/Jade Bars. But that place is so exclusive that it's barely a factor. The Ace lobby is a place that people actually seem to be going to hang out. And, as a development, I think that's healthy (even if I wouldn't necessarily make it my regular myself).


NOTE: It may be that my perception is skewed by the fact that I was there on a Sunday night. The hipsters were not out in full force, and the portion of the (capacity) crowd comprising middle-aged hotel guests might have been larger than usual.

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