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Consider this, how often to you make a white sauce, pretty much the same thing with the addition of a little crumbled sausage.


And germane to that is how long you choose to cook the roux. I don't cook it all that long. Just long enough to be certain that the flour is thoroughly cooked, and you don't get that "raw flour" flavor.

I agree. Cooking the roux does not take all that long. One reason this gravy is popular to cook, it is quick.

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This morning at Cafeteria* (Chelsea, NYC) I had what must be THE WORST BISCUITS WITH SAUSAGE GRAVY EVER. Well, the biscuits were okay, other than being room temp and having little bits of something red (sun-dried tomato? <_< ) in them. But the gravy! :angry: Cream gravy, totally unseasoned except for a ton of tasteless paprika. The "sausage" felt like bits of hot dog, and the bits were few and far between and had no discernible flavor, although they did have a tiny bit of heat -- but not enough to merit the menu description "spicy." The lack of seasoning was more than made up for by the salt-mine scrambled eggs (at least they were soft, as ordered). The whole plate needed Tabasco and plenty of it. Even the version I get in Vermont, made with sweet Italian sausage, is way better than this.


* Yes, I should have known better than to expect anything good at this place. But I was right there, I was hungry, and everything else on the menu was boring.

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