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Ya Pears from China

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I bought two gorgeous pears today. The little peel-off label says that they are 'Pretty Lisa Ya Pears'. I googled the name and found a photo of the Ya pear here..


But do any of y'all know anything else about this fruit? I'll eat one and report back--these pears are lovely. I hope they taste as good as they look.

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Sounds like you got a good one. :lol:


I think Japanese and Chinese pears are more favoured for their textures and juiciness than for any real flavour. They're not like barlett pears, for sure!

:lol: I wondered if it were one of the 'good' ones.


When Judy and I were talking about it, I told her I bet that the texture, sweetness, and juiciness were the big draws--not the flavor. Her opinion was hmmm, well, interesting experiment. She gave me the last two or three slices of hers.


I personally prefer Bosc pears, then Bartletts. I'd buy a Ya pear again if another one shows up here in Morelia, but it wouldn't be my first choice. It is a really pretty fruit, though. Our housekeeper thought it was a potato, and when I asked the vendor where it came from, he said Chile. Fortunately I got to look at the carton and its Chinese labeling. :blink:

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