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My mother has been a docent for the park that annually hosts an insane migration of sand hill cranes. They are wild and we went out to see them as they landed for the night, before our current nasty wet storm.














There were thousands of them coming in for a landing.


It was freezing cold but between the beauty, the noise and the fun of it, i could see being a birdwatcher.

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You were in Jersey & you didn't let us know?


Do you have them in Jersey?

I remember someone from Texas asking how to cook them on eGullet once. I told my mother about it and she near fainted. She works at a sanctuary and the hunting is of course forbidden.

This was near Lodi.

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We do have cranes, though I'm not sure if they are sand hill cranes. Blue herons & egrets are more frequently seen in our Meadowlands here. When I was working in NYC, I used to while away my brief commute on the train by looking for birds.


I was being a bit facetious, in that Lodi NJ really isn't near the Meadowlands.

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We are known as The Garden State because everything smells so sweet!


And we're much better than the old Jersey.


I have a set of "jersey" sheets and even a t-shirt made of the same! Is this new or old jersey? Either way, it's utterly decadent!

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