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There's a truly annoying article in today's Times about Brooklyn. They send their resident humorist, Henry Alford, to Brooklyn for the weekend. He stays in the Wythe hotel. He buys a hipster outfit and rides a fixie bike for 2 hours. He then writes an article that is neither insightful or very funny. Think of him as a kind of Tom Wolfe Lite. Extra Lite.


A sample -


O, bohemia! There are several ways to react to a culture quake. You can meet it with befuddlement, perhaps wondering how flappers handled the thorny intersection between dancing in fountains and limited dry-cleaning.


But maybe there’s another way — which is why, in early April, this middle-aged avowed Manhattanite checked into the Wythe and spent a long weekend trying to educate himself, canvassing Kings County’s artisan-loving, kale-devouring epicenter. “Brooklyn” is now a byword for cool from Paris to Sweden to the Middle East. It’s been strange to live across the river from a place that suddenly becomes a cultural reference point — not unlike having your dachshund become an overnight celebrity. Part of you wonders, Why him and not Aunt Barbara?


Lord knows I have lots of fun skewering hipsters but one of their positives is they go for weeks on end without thinking about Manhattan. They share that with the normal people in Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights.


Alford sounds slightly panicky and wistful - like the old Greek gods in recent fantasy movies who complain that nowadays fewer and fewer mortals believe in them. If enough people stop, the old gods will just disappear.



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I wish I could find my post about my argument with my friend where he said that everyone in the world was interested in what was going on in Brooklyn and I scoffed at him.


I think one does have to admire what's happened in Brooklyn over the past 10-15 years, however, As silly as much of it is, it's also kind of great.

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Speaking of Brooklyn diners, I noticed two male Brooklyn diners wearing sport coats the other night - they were certainly finer diners, maybe the finest.

Were these Manhattan diners in Brooklyn, Brooklyn diners in Brooklyn, or diners in West Brooklyn aka Manhattan?

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The Williamsburg Divide:


“North Williamsburg represents this kind of ‘new’ Williamsburg, the Williamsburg that people who previously lived in the East Village, or even Murray Hill or Jersey, all of a sudden decided was cool,” said Chrysanthe Tenentes, a founder of the online magazine Brooklyn Based...

“I feel almost a sense of relief when I cross over Grand Street,” said Chris Kiely, a talent manager who lives on South First Street. “The south side is like New York in the ’80s,” he added approvingly, “the fire hydrants open, kids playing in the streets.”


I've been looking for a flat in town. My dream was to live in a West Village townhouse [a tiny bedroom therein, realisticaly]. But every time I went there, I knew I wasn't pretty enough. I certainly wasn't rich enough.


Somewhat to my surprise, I spent the greatest portion of my property search in Williamsburg, partly because there aren't very many condos under a million dollars in Manhattan. I must confess I preferred South Williamsburg [i have no idea what the frack the condo designers in the north are thinking—are they all based in Miami Beach?], but The Elm is in the north.


The hipsters [even the hipsters with money] must be suffering a certain degree of cognitive dissonance in N Williamsburg.

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