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New Brooklyn Cuisine

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Although this topic is often discussed here, there isn't a separate thread for it.   As I contemplate trying to have dinnner at Brooklyn Star -- even though chances are I will have to go back to Ma

Well, the great thing about Brooklyn is that it's a far better place to live than Manhattan. And now we don't have to commute to Manhattan in order to eat food that isn't red sauce Italian or pink ta

Put those goal posts back.     I am not talking about bars which are good, not that good, and bad. I am talking about bars with extensive beer lists*, even if the bar is a dump. I have a dol

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7 hours ago, Seth Gordon said:

There’re a few episodes floating around on Vimeo:



These are terrific!     Many thanks.    Do you have any  more?

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3 minutes ago, voyager said:

These are terrific!     Many thanks.    Do you have any  more?

That’s all I stumbled across. On one of the above vids, the account that posted it has a couple of newer short vids with a much older Alan. Might even be his account. 

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