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New Brooklyn Cuisine

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Although this topic is often discussed here, there isn't a separate thread for it.   As I contemplate trying to have dinnner at Brooklyn Star -- even though chances are I will have to go back to Ma

Well, the great thing about Brooklyn is that it's a far better place to live than Manhattan. And now we don't have to commute to Manhattan in order to eat food that isn't red sauce Italian or pink ta

Put those goal posts back.     I am not talking about bars which are good, not that good, and bad. I am talking about bars with extensive beer lists*, even if the bar is a dump. I have a dol

The whole point of this board is to comment on food.. Regardless of the wether or not the restaurant is successful. But, i hear what Joe is saying. It is successful and he did take a chance. And he is not to blame that people are lining up to eat his mediocre food. Sbarro's is famous, Red Lobster is successful, Chik Fil A is making more money than ever. But that does not mean they are beyond reproach.

Right. And to me the personal attacks on the style of his house are nothing more than petty jealousy.

what am I jealous of? You don't know a thing about my life or my lifestyle other than what I post about here.


ETA: and when a guy self-presents himself as a public arbiter of taste and style and his house looks like the spring sale at restoration hardware its completely within reason to mock that.

So what you're saying is that you don't think some of what's written sounds like it's coming from a 6th grade girl?

yes. what you are saying. "Haters"

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his wife looks hungry, he should feed her some meatballs


But if she puts on weight, she won't keep making the gazillions of dollars she does modeling. (I haven't looked that up, but she's with a top agency, so I have to assume she does.)


You arguers haven't given any thought to the possibility that it's HER money they're spending, have you? Or that he's got a trust fund. His background is not exactly money-making (high-school trained as a musician; bartender, cook). "Q: You don't strike us as an antiquing kind of guy. A: My dad was a serious collector when I was growing up." [from Restaurant Hospitality] No matter how successful his business is, he can't be pulling down all that much. Not yet, unless he's stiffing his partner(s) and his suppliers and contractors and staff. Possible, but unlikely, and even then not enough to live lavishly.


Other than buying all that shit and renovating that apartment, how lavishly? I hope he was joking about the $3,000 mortgage payments, because if that's what they're paying on "their $685,000, 900-square-foot one-bedroom apartment off of Bedford Avenue with a spiral staircase to a private 800-square-foot roof deck."

, that seems pretty high to me, even if it's mortgage and common charges together. Or is that what that neighborhood costs these days?
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What's more surprising to me is that he supposedly paid $920,000 for it three years ago.


And that even with the renovation, you have to either walk all the way down the hall to get to the master bath, or through a closet and the den to get there.


What's wrong with cedar shingles? It's just a race between their own aging and the neighborhood soot to turn them gray, no?

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And I especially love this quote:


“The benefits of raising your children with an awareness of where your food comes from and having an honest relationship with your livestock way, way outweighs the possibility that they might encounter a heavy metal,” Mr. Walsh said.

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