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Growlers growing in popularity

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The NY Times has an article about the rising popularity of growlers, 64 oz glass containers used to bring beer home from a bar. The advantage is having draft beer freshness for a few days at a considerably lower cost than drafts by the pint, and the ability to select beers that may not usually be bottled.


My favorite craft brewer makes this a profitable trade for me. Pint drafts are $5, 64 oz growlers are $13. However, unlike some of the places mentioned in the article, Gaslight Tavern doesn't allow you to fill your growler, and then drink it in their dining room.


Growlers aren't especially new. In the 1930s, my dad was often sent to the local tavern with a beer pail and fifty cents. He returned with the pail filled with beer.



Don't rush the growler

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I heard about this the other day. Is this an ongoing thing? I also heard that you have to get them squeaky clean between uses as soap can react with the contents and affect the carbonation. True?





I rinse mine out with vinegar, and then with filtered water.


The growler trend has apparently been noticed by the usually moribund state alcoholic beverage commission. That means somebody with influence complained. They cracked down on one wine retailer who was breaking down kegs of unusual and craft beers and selling them in growlers. That ran afoul of their package store license (can only sell in the original packaging), and a finding they were "serving" on designated off premises only property.


In NJ, if you have an off premises licenses, you can sell but the buyer can't consume on the property. One casualty is supermarket food workshops / classes. If the supermarket doesn't have a license to sell alcohol, students may be allowed to bring their own bottles and consume them in the workshop with the meal they created. But if the market does have an off premises license, no alcoholic products may be consumed on premises, even if they were imported into the store.

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