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Nux, do you have any recommendations for a good Polish restaurant in NYC? Or should we just come to your kitchen one evening? ;)

i don't. there were some decent dishes at the old Kiev but that's long gone. the Pierogi Deli store on 1st Ave used to be better but has slipped considerably in the past few year as the owners are getting older.


i wish i were half the cook my mother is. but if you ever go to POland, i'll totally hook you up :)

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I've not eaten much Polish food before, but a new take-out (steam table) Polish place just opened up in Jackson Heights. Very sweet couple owns it, and she does most of the cooking. $6.50 for a huge container of food - it's rustic heavy food held on a steam-table, but most of it has been very tasty. Meatballs in a mushroom sauce, stuffed cabbage, meatloaf, potatoes of various sorts, homemade sauerkraut that's lovely (I think the fresh is better than cooked), beet salad. I've not eaten at any of the Polish places in the E Village or Greenpoint, so can't compare and I'm not recommending anyone travel for this place . . . but since my kitchen is currently under renovation, I'm very glad to have this option. Nothing extraordinary, but good home cooking. They do have a few tables, but it's basically a store-front deli set up for take-out. They have soups and pierogies, but I haven't tried those yet. U Dzika, 37th Ave at 86th St.

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