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Aviary, a new bar, formerly known as Boom

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Molecule bar   ETA subject line, from "Boom" to "Apiary" to "Aviary"

I'm impressed that you remember the cocktail after the El Bulli experience.

did you post about schwa?

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Kickstarter to publish their recipe book. Positively brilliant. They cut out the publishing houses. Already doubled the amount they were seeking thanks to their acolytes.

I hope they don't stint on finding the best production team. They've got the $$$ for it now. It would be shame if there were errors in it.


Unlike a self-publishing acquaintance of mine who funds every book herself each time, they pretty much will be making a profit on each sale. (She willfully ignores all her production and distribution costs, as well as the cost of her time.)

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While Kokonas's penchant for transparency is laudable, I don't think he's accounting for how making everything transparent just unleashes the demon of Goodhart's Law, and can end up leaving everyone worse off.

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