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Coming soon from Keith McNally, in a space on the Bowery. With chef Nate Appleman, recently of San Francisco.

1. It's a pizzeria, not Corton.   2. There is such a thing as overkill. *Two* stories in one day about pulling down the plywood screening fits that definition.

Yes, your meals make that whole corner irrelevant.

Is this the first truly chef driven McNally place?


I'd say Morandi (Jody Williams) was.


Makes you a little worried about chef-driven Italian Keith McNally restaurants. But I'm excited about this anyway.

Tony Liu still turns out some nice food at Morandi...it's not my favorite place to hang out and eat for other reasons,but give him some credit.

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The McNally publicity machine cranks on. A NYT article on Mr Appelman's thought process in constructing the new menu. I'm a little surprised with the dismissive comments on San Francisco diners. They're people who've had the benefit of top notch ingredients, and know what they like.


“I was thinking on the flight last night from San Francisco that I should do a fried apple for dessert,” Mr. Appleman said over a coffee at Abraço. “Two thin slices of apple, sandwiching a walnut paste of some sort, then bread it, like with brioche crumbs, fry it, and drizzle it with chestnut honey.”


The showpiece of the kitchen will be a pair of wood-fired ovens, one for pizza and one for meat. Mr. Appleman turned butchering into a public spectacle at A16, and he plans to bring whole animals into Pulino’s, break them down and roast the cuts in the oven. (He and Mr. McNally are also exploring the possibility of a stand-alone butcher shop.)


But it’s going to be some time before Mr. Appleman cleaves into his first hog. Pulino’s will trickle open over six weeks, first serving breakfast, then lunch, then dinner.


It gives Mr. Appleman more time to firm up his menu.


“In San Francisco the audience is easy. You put tripe in a bowl and tell them it’s from a humanely raised cow and they’re going to eat it,” Mr. Appleman said. “New York is totally different. In fact, I’m not sure what you have to do in New York.”


Dining adventure

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Romeo and Juliet. Anthony and Cleopatra. Tracy and Hepburn. Sid and Nancy. They've got nothing on the love that Eater has for all things Keith McNally.


I first became aware of this infatuation during the run up to the opening of the revamped Minetta Tavern. There was non-stop drum thumping for months on end. No detail was too small not to warrant another web posting. Well, Eater is doing it again with Pulino.


The restaurant hasn't opened but as of yesterday Eater had already written 14 items about the place. Then this morning we had this -

McNally Strips Pulino's Shed As Grand Opening Looms

Just two weeks out from opening, Keith McNally's new restaurant and pizzeria Pulino's is slowing revealing itself to the lower Bowery. Yesterday, we caught a glimpse past the plywood threshold, and today Bowery Boogie brings the news that the airtight wood shed has finally been stripped away. The two and a half years wait is almost over

You'd think that would scratch the itch of their readership for minute by minute reporting of Pulino's Progress.


You'd be wrong. This afternoon we got #16 -

How About Another Look at Pulino's Plywood Peel-Off

Because those grainy nighttime photos just weren't doing the trick (and because overkill is not in the Eater vocabulary), take a look at early afternoon activity at Keith McNally's newest, now two weeks out, Pulino's.

They have pictures. Ready to be excited?





Riveting stuff. Link


According to Eater Pulino's will open in two weeks. How many more items do you think Eater will run? I'm betting on 10.

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