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Blue Bottle to opening in Williamsburg this week

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The last 12 months or so have been very good for NY coffee lovers (See, e.g., Stumptown in the Ace Hotel, Ecco beans brewed at Joe's the Art of Coffee, Chemex expertly brewed to order at Third Rail, Cafe Grumpy's roasting program, etc.)


But the arrival of Blue Bottle this week (complete with Japanese slow-drip brewing and old-school lever-pulled espresso) may be the most exciting news of all... Details here:



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Blue Bottle Coffee was by far the most successful card-drop draw I used when working trade shows. More popular than the iPod docking station, more popular than the NASCAR racing jacket.


So popular, I went down to their store behind the Mint and bought a few more pounds to run more drawings.

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“It’s 1.5 ounces of espresso with 2.5 ounces of latte-style milk,” Mr. Freeman said. “It’s a nice drink, a nice size. It looks good, and you look good drinking it.”


Is this place owned by Starbucks or something? I didn't think serious coffee connoisseurs cared about things like that.

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He added: “I might let it evolve. The thing about coffee is that coffee is local.”




"Mochachino will take a year to understand. Latte will take a few months.”

Strand is the same guy who wrote that earlier article. He loves precious.

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