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Ten most mispronounced food words

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Keith ate poppadoms and bombay duck while the staff fondly prepared his mutton vindaloo. 'The napalm sauce, sir?' asked Rashid. Keith was resolved in this, as in all things. 'Yeah. The napalm sauce.' In the kitchen they were busy responding to Keith's imperial challenge: to make a curry so hot that he douldn't eat it. The meal arrived. Lively but silent faces stared through the serving-hatch. The first spoonful swiped a mustache of sweat on to Keith's upper lip, and drew excited murmurs from the kitchen. 'Bit mild,' said Keith when could talk again.

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Sometimes I actually build up the courage to go to a cart and order a gyro using the Greek pronunciation. The guys never have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. (Any parallel to "rioja" is strictly in the mind of the reader.)

Isn't that a new york thing, the hard G? If you are in Chicago isn't it something closer to the Greek pronunciation?


Here it's a soft "g", right? It's pronounced "jigh -- roe". How do Chicagoans say it?



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