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Baby eagle webcam at Duke Farms

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I'm pretending this is a web cam of the bald eagles over in near Llano. I went over there a couple of years ago and was able to see the mom/pop flying around their nest tree, and moving around inside their nest.


Some friends of mine who live in Barton Hills [part of Austin] have installed a web cam with audio in an owl nest behind their house - they watched as the female sat and produced the second egg. They say the audio adds a lot to the pix.

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Duke Farms is a lovely estate in Hillsborough NJ, just south of Somerville on US 206. It was the country home of socialite Doris Duke, heiress to one of the great tobacco fortunes.


Ms Duke built a sprawling residence, equipped with a huge wine cellar. During the 1920s and 1930s, her agents in France would buy cases of wine from La Tache, DRC, and other prominent wine makers. They would be shipped to her, logged in, and stored. Each year, wines would be dispatched to Newport, New York City, or Palm Beach as Ms Duke moved with the seasons. The estate had its own railroad siding from the Jersey Central's branch to Flemington. That made travel in one's own set of rail cars (dining car and private sleeping car) a little more comfortable.


The wine was auctioned in a celebrated event a few years ago. Many cases had the original purchase invoices, shipping records, storage information, etc. The auction probably set the gold standard for provenance of sales for very old wines.


A good selection of these wines found their way to the Pluckemin Inn's wine list. I suspect many of them are still on the wine list as a $7,000 to $27,000 (DRC 1929) wine doesn't move too quickly...



Plucky wine list

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