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Tipsy Parson

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I think you're missing some brilliant work in the posts between her reviews. There are dozens of added words, confused nouns and verbs, but here are a few of my favorites since she left the paper:


On Tipsy Parson:

"Every table is welcomed with a homemade herb parkerhouse roll that's to die for." Then as if it just occurred to her two paragraphs later: "Dinner begins with a doughy chive-specked parkerhouse roll. "



The "she" being quoted above was -- who else? -- RestaurantGirl. But it is not she of which I speak now, it is Tipsy Parson. We had dinner there tonight before a Taylor 2 performance at The Joyce, and I wonder why no one seems to have mentioned it here other than in that quote. Maybe because people are so enamored of Redhead? Tipsy Parson too has many Southern inflections. Somewhat more ambitious dishes, at slightly higher prices, with many authentic regional (not local :rolleyes: ) food sources (Benton's ham, John Cope's corn, etc.). True, Chelsea is not exactly bereft of places to eat, so maybe no one else has had to go there. Anyway, there is no discussion as yet.


So I will go first.


I enjoyed my Pomegranate Manhattan -- not sweet as I feared, and with a good crunch of pomegranate seeds at the bottom. Paul had to change his order from a tap beer from Massachusetts that was out to a Long Island chardonnay. We skipped apps, although we did have the aforementioned parkerhouse [sic] rolls. Yes, they are doughy. They are also very good. Kind of reminiscent of the heat-and-serve rolls we had for special occasions when I was a kid, but heavier, and with the addition of chives and coarse salt on top.


Paul ordered the dish I knew he would as soon as I saw it listed: North Carolina Striped Bass with bacon broth, pea tendrils, english peas (no cockles as online). It turned out to have pieces of bacon as well. A hefty chunk of fish, nicely cooked with crisp skin, excellent broth, and very vibrant, fresh-tasting vegs. I had the Roasted Poussin with John Cope's sweet creamed corn & roasted morels, mainly because I wanted the corn and morels. Although the chicken was not shabby. We also had a side of excellent grilled ramps. Our first real welcome-to-spring meal of the year.


We passed on the apps because the Pie for Two was a strawberry-rhubarb crumble. More spring. Lots of flavor in the fruit, a very, very sweet, very vanilla bean-flecked crème anglaise -- and a scoop of sour cream gelato that worked very well with the crumble.


There were several other dishes on the menu that were quite appealing. So I expect we'll go back if we have to be in the area.


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Aha! That's where I heard about it. Good thing I'd forgotten, though.


What surprised me was how not sweet things were that normally might be. Like that Manhattan. And a couple of bill-presentation coconut macaroons -- the kind that are usually heavily sweetened coconut, sugar, a little egg white to bind, and a lot more sugar. These seemed like very lightly sweetened coconut (I dare not hope it was fresh), only a little extra sugar, and a heavier binder, resulting in a chewier coconut macaroon minus the dental caries.


For those who care about noise: sitting in the front with the bar while the late-afternoon drinkers were still there, we were subjected to ear-piercing. But once they cleared out, noise level was quite reasonable until the table next to us was populated. Tables are very close, so you are subject to your neighbors' chat. There is a back room, also crowded with tables, but it was mostly empty while we were there so I couldn't check how loud it might be.


Restrooms are indeed very nice.

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let me add a non review / review. i was there in december and have now completely forgot what three of us ate tho we liked it. does it count if you remember the impression if not the actual dishes? altho we did all share a side of the mac n'cheese and it was as good and as decadent as you might expect a southern mac to be. i know someone had pork and loved it. i think i had scallops but i shouldn't drag out the unhelpfulness any longer! we sat in the back, it was empty so very peaceful until the hordes came and it was as if a sound wave barrier was broken. just a tidge loud.it's pretty and simple and the service was friendly and i guess we all liked it.


it hasn't really occurred to me to return tho i happily would. another key impression perhaps.

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