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I don't think anyone has posted about Rhea's Deli in the Mission. This corner store has apparently existed for decades, but last year they remodeled and they sell a really good selection of upscale groceries and European candy.


But the big lunchtime draw is the sandwiches. I am not a big lover of deli sandwiches. My father burned me out on deli sandwiches a long time ago, when we would pretty much be forced to have cold deli sandwiches on a daily basis. But Rhea's sandwiches are the perfect combination of flavors and textures. Ike's, where you have to wait for TWO HOURS in line, has nothing on Rhea's. My favorite so far is the katsu sandwich (I liked chicken best; they also have pork).


Here's a blog entry and picture of the katsu sandwich:



The Korean beef sandwich is great too.


More pictures.



If you're in the Mission, it's really worth checking out. Forget Ike's.

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Wow, good to know -- thanks, Kathy!


I walk by that place almost every day taking Doc to Mission Playground, but for whatever reason have never been in. They have a sign saying they sell deli meats by the pound, too.


(FWIW, I forgot Ike's long ago. Decent, but I refuse to stand in line for that long with those people.)

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I just realized I was talking about the wrong place. I was thinking of the place at Guerrero and 19th. Now I know the place you mean. Doc and I rarely get that far east, because the further we go in that direction, the discarded crap on the ground grows thicker by orders of magnitude. Next time I'm out without him, I'll check it out.


Ike's needs a new venue. I certainly wouldn't want to live there.

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