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Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is being sold. In the article they mention that the old Schlitz brand is being brought back, I have memories of hanging out at the Brown Bottle tasting room at the Schlitz brewery was located across the street from the Univ of South Florida many years ago. We would schedule our classes around the hours of the tasting room. This was back when the Busch Gardens was free. Too much history. Good times though.
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The reason is strange:


The company has been ordered by the Internal Revenue Service to sell itself under a federal law that bars charities from owning for-profit businesses for more than five years.


The paper said Pabst has been owned for about a decade by the Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation, which was named for Paul Kalmanovitz, a brewing magnate who died in 1987, two years after buying Pabst.

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