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9L - that is perfect and probably more the direction I'm going to go in. The homeless shelters I worked with were one-day stints and nothing more long term. I am already connecting with some local charities where I might be able to do something more substantial.


I've talked to a lot of people in the past few days about the Corps and it seems the one thing that *they* don't tell you (which I alluded to earlier), is the huge health risk. More people suffer life-long debilitating health issues during their service time and while a 20-year old body has a better likelihood of recovering, someone like myself who would be approaching 50 during my service has less than stellar odds. Although one site I was reading seemed to think that they place volunteers "of advanced years" in locales that have better health care since it is a known issue.


Have you considered simply donating a large part of your income to those in need. Is it absolutely necessary that you have face to face contact with the beneficiaries of your largesse? If so, why?


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